Paid political letter: Armstrong/Mund: What do they stand for?

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What do you know about Cara Mund’s ambitions to serve we the people of North Dakota? Where do her guiding principles lead her? “Independent”, but leaning what way? Is she Woke? Will she line up with AOC? Her #1 reason for running for US Congress as an Independent is to Codify Roe v. Wade into the Federal Law - the right to have an abortion - and that is the first thing (her words) she will do after being sworn in to Congress.

Why would we want the Federal government to have a foothold of jurisdiction over all abortion. Would this also include any sex related activity? Does Mund have in mind the number of weeks a child is carried when an abortion would be outlawed? Or is it until baby Jane or John are born into this world? Where are the rights of the man that lawfully impregnated the woman? What of the unborn child? Our current laws codify incest and rape as a crime and make provisions with regard for the life of the mother.

In the Prairie Public debate, Mund says women are second class citizens. One way for Mund to uphold women and men, she could stop calling women 2nd class.

Mund wants to be the 1st woman (it’s all about “ME”) from North Dakota elected to our United States House of Representatives. In 2006, my reason to run for (and win) Mayor of the City of Jamestown were issues specific for the benefit of the citizens - not to be the first woman mayor of Jamestown.

A better choice for North Dakota is Rep. Kelly Armstrong. (Listen to the KFGO debate on YouTube.) Armstrong studies and can drill down into the details the bills before Congress; beyond just reading the name of the bill which can differ from the substance. Armstrong is knowledgeable about what works for our economy and he can articulate the issues that affect our state to fellow representatives.

Clarice Liechty
Jamestown, N.D.