Paid political letter: A Vote for Lamb for Attorney General is a Vote for Transparency

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Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Tim Lamb and I’m running for North  Dakota Attorney General. I’m a 20-year military officer veteran, served 15 years on the  Grand Forks School Board, and have a Master’s degree in management. I am licensed in  all state and federal courts in North Dakota. I am a proud fifth generation North Dakotan.

My opponent, Drew Wrigley, is fooling many citizens regarding deleted emails,  $1.8 million cost overrun in his office, and intervention in a federal election while serving  as US Attorney. Currently, there are 250 rape test kits backlogged of victims in the BCI  lab, which is under the AG’s Office.

Have these significant incidents gone unnoticed?

If elected, I will fight crime by enhancing state and community law enforcement,  particularly for violent crime. Crime is measured at the local level. Each town or city has  its own law enforcement, and I will ensure they are given the tools and resources to  adequately fight crime. I learned in my 20 years as an Army officer that good training and  equipment are the best tools in combating the enemy.

There’s a lot at stake in this race.

Other important issues include the women’s right to choose and keeping  government from interfering with reproductive freedom. The government should stay out  of the woman’s doctor - patient relationship. Also, marijuana should be legalized to cut  the cost of law enforcement and increase tax revenues for mental health and drug rehab. If  elected, I would form an Elder Advocacy Council to combat elder abuse, fraud and scams;  as well as defend Social Security and Medicare benefits. For farmers and ranchers, I  would enforce anti-trust laws aimed at corporate greed and fleecing agriculture. I would  defend landowners’ rights and keep a close eye on the oil industry through the Industrial  Commission. These issues affect us all.

Finally, I will return the public trust in the AG’s Office if elected. I would  appreciate your vote. A vote for Lamb is a vote for transparency and honesty.


Tim Lamb
Grand Forks, N.D.