Grand Forks' Muddy Waters Clay Center holding 'March Mugness' to feature a variety of locally made mugs

Mary Bauer, a member of the Muddy Waters Clay Center, said this is the first year the organization has put on a display that just focuses on mugs

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Mugs are on display in the gallery throughout the month of March at Muddy Waters Clay Center located at 2014 13th Ave. N.
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GRAND FORKS – Mugs of all varieties are on display at the Muddy Waters Clay Center throughout the month of March for what is being called "March Mugness."

Mary Bauer, a member of the Muddy Waters Clay Center, said this is the first year the organization has put on a display that just focuses on mugs.

“We’ve got all different glaze colors, glaze combinations, shapes and sizes of mugs,” Bauer said.

All of the mugs are made by members of the organization with new mugs being added throughout the month. When it comes to the process of making a mug, Bauer said it tends to be a favorite among those who make pottery.

“Many times people are asked what is their favorite kind of poetry to make and for functional pottery, a lot of potters think that mugs are just kind of a favorite thing,” she said.


The item also makes for a good gift according to Bauer.

“You can never have too many,” she said. “People have favorite mugs for whatever it is they’re drinking. Whether it’s tea or coffee, cocoa, soup.”

People can stop by to check out the gallery at 2014 13th Ave. N to purchase a mug on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Bauer said people can also make appointments to view the gallery along with the members’ gallery, which features ceramics made by the organization’s 30 members.

On March 18, Happy Camper Coffee will be parked outside Muddy Waters Clay Center from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

All proceeds made from the sales go back to the organization and members who sell things through the gallery receive a percentage.

The Muddy Waters Clay Center is a nonprofit arts organization that is run by volunteers in the community. The organization offers pottery classes for all levels of experience.

So far, Bauer said there has been a good turnout, and the hope is to continue "March Mugness" next year.

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