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Tips to make sure your Christmas presents aren't late

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GRAND FORKS — It's the busiest time of the year at the post office. Thousands of packages are being filtered through Grand Forks each day.

WDAY News reporter Kenneth Chase spoke directly with one postal carrier to learn some tips to help your presents arrive on time.

"Grandma's cookies, toys, it's a good feeling," said postal carrier Jerry Pearce. "I really enjoy the Christmas part. It's kind of exciting this time of year. We're bringing things to kids."

Most of the items are boxed bundles from loved ones.

"A lot of parcels deliveries yesterday for example. For 12-and-a-half hours for 296 parcels plus the mail. So very, very busy time right now."

WDAY News has learned more than 7,000 packages were routed through Grand Forks this Thursday, Dec. 7, alone, going everywhere from Roseau to Bottineau and between.

With such a high volume of deliveries, there are some things you can do to make sure your presents aren't late.

"We don't want to send it back," Pearce said. "We realize it's Christmas, but do yourself a favor and get that information correct."

Attach your shipping label with clear tape over it. "Because if that label comes off, we have no idea where that package is going."

Make sure your name is on your mailbox. "I certainly don't put someone else's bank statement in there. Keep track of the tracking number. Go to look it up. You'll find out where it's at."

Some friendly reminders from your neighborhood postal carrier.

"I love the people and that's the most enjoyable thing to me is you get grown accustomed. They have my cell number. We're on Facebook. It's amazing."

If you're planning on mailing the presents using ground shipping, the deadline is next Friday, Dec. 14.

The post office said the last day to mail presents within the country is Saturday, Dec. 22. But mail carriers said the sooner, the better.

"Mail as soon as you can. It's so busy right now. It's going to get busier. We get every piece of mail out every single day," Pearce said.

If you're mailing to a soldier those deadlines are coming up much more quickly.

Here are some of the other dates the post office said you should know:


DEC. 11 DEC. 16

APO/FPO/DPO Priority Mail APO/FPO/DPO Priority Mail Express

& APO/FPO First-Class


DEC. 14 DEC. 19

USPS Retail Ground First-Class Mail

DEC. 20 DEC. 22

Priority Mail Priority Mail Express