Dear Dave McFarlane,

Thanks for the pictures of Easter dinner in Florida. You really had a big gathering at your place! Would you believe it was almost that nice here in Grand Forks?

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And now we move on!

It has come to my attention that Friday is Bird Day in North Dakota. It is so designated in the North Dakota Century Code.

The purpose of Bird Day is to promote and encourage the conservation and enjoyment of one of nature's most attractive features.

And it is to honor the birth and work of naturalist John James Audubon. He made America's birds known to the world through his drawings and vivid prose. So April 26th of each year is designated as "Bird Day" in the state of North Dakota.

Welcome back, birds

You might wonder what to do on Bird Day Friday. Suggestions were gathered some time ago by my son-in-law Dale Sandstrom, a retired member of the North Dakota Supreme Court.

He suggests:

• Wish everyone you see a "Happy Bird Day."

• Feed the birds.

• Go outside and look up.

• Have a party to welcome back the Snow Birds.

• Put up a bird house or bird feeder.

• Contribute to a nature or wildlife group.

• Remember a dove carrying an olive leaf told Noah the flood was ending.

Walking the dog

The five snowmen standing down on Cherry Street are gone. Most of the drifts that lingered on and on are gone. People are out walking their dogs.

And King's Walk golf course south of the city is full of golfers-many are just practicing their swing. By the time you get up here for a visit, the high waters off the Red will be forgotten.

This is the time we have been waiting for all winter long. Maybe I am kind of weird when I think unless you have slipped on the ice of winter ... unless you have shoveled some snow ... you cannot experience the joy of April.

Well, anyway, I send best wishes to you in Florida. And thanks for sending the Minnesota Twins back north. They are doing well.

Your friend, Marilyn, on Cottonwood Street.

P.S.: As you know, life goes on with its joys and its sorrows. This week we are mourning the death of Harold Holte. He was a well known musician who added joy to many events including the Friday UND luncheons. It seemed like all was well when he was playing. Services are at 11 a.m. Friday at Calvary Lutheran Church.