Dear Dave McFarlane,

The calendar on the wall says Wednesday will be the first day of spring. I hope someone will remind Mother Nature. She should put an end to winter. We have had enough already.

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Of course, we all worry about the possibility of another flood. But the Sunday Herald had a story quoting Greg Gust of the weather bureau. And he said at this point we don't have the "worst, worst case scenario."

Down your way, the winter visitors in Florida are at least thinking of heading back north. Same thing in Arizona. I had a note from Bob Wood who said more than 220 Grand Forks-area folks in Arizona gathered for breakfast at the Golden Corral in Mesa.

He said conversations this year began with the question, "How long can you stay?" Usually the snowbirds ask one another, "When are you going home?"

Lawn care

Life goes on. People who do lawn care around here already are sending out notices. You hear of people making their way over to their summer places in lake country.

There's a glow over the little town of Thompson, just south of Grand Forks. The boy's basketball team won the state B basketball championship in Minot. And the Thompson Tommies prevailed in games that took them into overtime play. It was really exciting!

Fourth graders

Most of the 14 fourth-grade students at Holy Family-St. Mary's grade school told me last week they like winter. Only four of them turned thumbs down. Caroline Knudson likes the babysitters club that meets in the school library. Ryder Rivard told me his grandparents have a condo down at Fort Myers. That probably is in your area.

Well, anyway, it was refreshing to visit with 9- and 10-year-old children. The class also includes Jason Blacknik, Kaia Boppre, Zachary Bures, Taylor Herman, Lea Johnson, Reese Litzinger, Mercil Hayden, Haley Riskey, Mason Schurman, William Sickler, Myles Tanabe and Rylan Waldorf.

It's good to get the view of life from the kids. Their teacher is Trish Mohr. And theirs is a world of good books, sledding at Lincoln Park dam and eating tacos, pizza or popcorn chicken.

Twins in practice

Thank you for your great description of Florida in March and April. You can leave your windows open at night to bring in the fresh breeze. Our windows are frozen shut.

I guess you are planning your end-of-season golf tournaments in April. And the Twins are into spring practice at Fort Myers. I'm sure the announcer likes telling the temperature up north.

You who live year round in Florida call April your R&R. That's when you get your roads and restaurants back.

You say you still miss the Sacred Heart Friday fish frys during Lent. Yes, they are still going strong.

And so in Florida are you and Kathy!

Your winter weary friend, Marilyn, on the west bank of the frozen Red River of the North.