GRAND FORKS - If the cold is bringing you down, the Grand Forks Public Library is offering a warm solution this weekend. The library is hosting its "Cabin Fever Weekend."

The library will be decked out with a Harry Potter theme and will be offering a variety of activities to keep visitors' minds off of the weather. Visitors can make their own hot chocolate and s'mores kits to take home, as well as Hogwarts house-themed mug sweaters.

They'll also offer a nine-hole mini golf course that will cover the back half of the building.

The library is hoping events like these will change perceptions of what a library can be, staff said.

“Our biggest hope is that people do see us as more than just a library; a stuffy old library where you have to be quiet, because that's not what we are at all," said Tori Lee, an information services clerk. "We've never been that, I just don't think people have realized that, and we're really hoping to change people's minds."

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The event runs from noon-2 p.m. Saturday and 1-3 p.m. Sunday.