North Dakotans and Minnesotans Google “student loans” and “property taxes” more than any other money-related term.

Business Insider analyzed Google Trends data from the past year to find what kind of money-related searches were happening in each state.

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Borrowers in North Dakota Google-search “student loans” more often than any other state.

This isn’t surprising, said UND economics professor David Flynn.

“Due to the downturn of the economy, income isn’t as high as people may have expected and therefore they’re searching student loans more frequently,” Flynn said.

Flynn also said that searching for “student loans” isn’t always negative.

“Maybe more high school kids are looking at going to college and looking into whether or not they can afford it,” he said.

In Bismarck, the top Google inquiries are “buy stocks,” “student loans” and “student loan forgiveness.” Fargo’s top search also is “student loans.”

The money-related terms Minnesotans Google most are “property tax” and “property taxes.”

When President Donald Trump signed a new tax bill into law in April, changing the tax code, many across the country probably looked to see what they owed, Flynn said.

Other popular queries nationwide are “how to budget” and “property taxes.”