Ted Beams, manager at Natural Grocers, located at 1901 32nd Ave. South in Grand Forks, tells the Herald about the trendy health food and vitamin store.

Q: How long have you been open in Grand Forks? How are things going in your location?

A. Natural Grocers has been open and a part of the Grand Forks community since August 2016. The store is doing fantastic. We’re educating the community on health and healthy lifestyles, and we’re growing every day. We’re very happy to be part of the Grand Forks community.

Q. What can you tell us about your customers? Why do they shop at Natural Grocers?

A: Our customers love our 100% organic produce selection with our extensive variety of nutritional supplements. Our customers trust our products because we go through vigorous product inspection before products arrive to our stores. This ensures the highest quality of food at the lowest possible price. They also love the very wide variety of gluten free and dairy free products that we carry -- the largest selection in the state. It’s a lot of health food enthusiasts. There are people these days who are looking to get rid of pesticides and herbicides. What we really have is a lot of athletes. We’re right next to the University of North Dakota: All the hockey players, all the soccer players, they just come in droves. For us, yes, it’s health food enthusiasts; yes, it’s also sports and athletics, a big portion of it. We’re getting a lot of people that want to shop with somebody small and local.

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Q: Which items are popular?

A. The quality of our organic and free range eggs and the low retail price that we sell them at make them one of our top items. They literally fly off the shelf. The quality and price are unmatched anywhere. Another one of our popular items is our 100% grass fed beef. Customers also love our organic whole chickens.

Q: What can you tell us about the events hosted at Natural Grocers?

A: On Aug. 15, Natural Grocers is having our annual anniversary/birthday event. We have dozens of samples and prize drawings. We have a position in all of our Natural Grocers stores which is called our nutrition head coach. Sometimes, we will have a class on high blood pressure, sometimes on cholesterol, sometimes on something like the Keto diet. They are monthly, and they rotate quite a bit on different health topics. Having that nutritional head coach on staff and giving those classes to the employees and to the customers is something unique. All of our classes are free for the community.

Q: What should a new customer know about your business?

A: Every new customer should expect world class customer service when they shop at natural grocers. We are the fastest growing Natural Food store in the country and our values and levels of customer service are unmatched. We carry only 100% organic produce and the highest quality of vitamins. If you’re in management, they (Natural Grocers) actually send you to Colorado and they put you through what’s called the “Good For You” crew training, and they actually teach customer service. For example, we greet every customer that comes in, we try to help every customer that comes in. Anybody we see in the aisle, it’s a requirement to try to communicate with them and try to help them find what they need. Above and beyond that, all of our employees are highly educated in our products and nutrition. We have a very unique way of helping customers. Literally, we’ll just walk around with customers and help them as long as they need it.