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Pembina bus company will release new motor coach


Motor Coach Industries in Pembina will release a new bus early next year.

MCI, the US subsidiary of New Flyer Industries, will release the “D 45 CRTLE” coach first in Canada and then in the United States, said MCI President Ian Smart.

The bus will be 45 feet-long and more accessible than the MCI coach that’s been on the market since the 1990s.

“This is an exciting step forward for us,” Smart said.

There are numerous requirements set forth by the Department of Transportation and Americans with Disabilities Act that motor coach manufacturers must follow.  

“We decided that we were going to let those be our minimum requirements and go further,” Smart said.

The “D 45 CRTLE” bus will be “low entry,” meaning that a person in a wheelchair can roll up a ramp instead of waiting on a traditional lift.

This allows them to remain independent and also helps the process go more quickly. The lift takes up to 15 minutes, where a person on the ramp can get onto the bus in just one minute.

MCI worked with organizations like the National Council on Independent Living and the American Association for People with Disabilities to look at prototypes of the new bus and give feedback.

“Their feedback went into our final design,” Smart said. “We think (the bus) will be well received.”

The first buses have been sold to Bow Valley Transit in Alberta, Canada. But MCI has also sold coaches to other public entities the Smart said he could not disclose.

Also happening in the coming year, the MCI plant in Pembina is hiring. They are looking for workers to assemble and paint buses as well as clerical workers.