Sarah Daniels has been serving for nine years. She says the servers at Randy's Diner in Fargo get tipped pretty well.

But after moving here from the south, she's noticed a big change compared to how Floridians tip.

"They tip the 20% if not 50%," said Daniels.

This is in agreement with a new study that shows Florida is in the top 10 best states to tip in the U.S. with an average tip of 19% of the bill. North Dakota on the other hand, is among the top 10 worst at 17%, but that's still better than the average at 15%.

Daniels said there is an upside that makes up for the lack of tips in the state.

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"One thing I have noticed that's different here is Midwest nice, that's a huge thing up here people are just genuinely so nice up here," she said.

Kind words are appreciated by some in the demanding industry, but other servers say it comes down to getting by financially.

"It makes me feel good and appreciated, and that does help, but it is how we pay our bills. This is our job," said server, Chelsea Hammond. Especially on days where mother nature doesn't want to cooperate.

"When we have blizzards and bad weather, and that's a day that's a high volume day, then you're just out the money, you don't have PTO or anything to fall back on. You just don't get paid," Hammond added.

The most important thing servers want people to remember is that they have to live off the tips they make, especially in North Dakota where labor laws allows tipped employees to be paid a lower cash wage than the standard minimum wage.

"I wouldn't be able to survive on just the $5.86 that I make now, so we really depend on our tips, it wouldn't be much of a livelihood as a server if you didn't get tipped," said Daniels.

Research also shows 10% of Americans ages 18 to 37 say they don't leave a tip at all.