You've tried Tinder or Bumble-you even downloaded Hinge, maybe signed up for despite all the swiping, you're still very single.

Don't worry. It's not you-it's North Dakota. A recent study ranked the state as the third worst place in the country for singles.

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The Wallethub study said North Dakota ranks 40th for percentage of single adults-meaning there just aren't as many fish in the river here.

North Dakota rang in dead-last for gender balance among single people, which may be driven by the high numbers of men who migrated to the state to work in the oil industry. Sorry fellas, but according to a Herald article from 2015, the trend has persisted since 2002 and North Dakota is one of only 10 states with such an imbalance. Across the state there are approximately 105 men per every 100 women, higher than the national average of 97 men to 100 women.

The study looked at dating economics, including costs for drinks and movie tickets and household incomes; dating opportunities, which looked at how many single people there are; how many participate in online dating or have the ability to participate; and at fun and romance, which compared restaurants and attractions per capita.

The main area of the study where North Dakota scored well was in relation to the crime rate-it's the 18th lowest on the survey. And if you want to double-check to make sure a potential first date doesn't have any convictions for child pornography, the state's criminal justice system provides fairly accessible background about convictions. You can search the court system at Google searches are also a safe bet to dig up dirt and vet potential love interests.

Another study, which compared 182 cities, including the two largest in each state, may bring slightly more hope to the single people of North Dakota. Things don't seem bad in Fargo-the city ranked 23rd best when rated on the same categories as the previous study. But Bismarck came in at 130th.

There is hope, though-Minnesota ranked highly on the overall study, coming in as the 12th best state for singles. For individual cities, Minneapolis won ninth place and St. Paul came in as 40th-although both places are at least a several hour drive from here.

Things on the dating front may seem bleak as Valentine's Day looms-but at least you don't live in Arkansas or West Virginia, which are the only two states worse for singles than North Dakota. And singles will save money and stress by not fretting over what present to buy a significant other for Valentine's Day.