Lake of the Woods Brewing Company will open a brewery and tasting room in Warroad, Minn.

The new brewery will open either in February or March of 2019 and will be the first spot in the United States that Americans can get Lake of the Woods beer.

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President and CEO of Lake of the Woods Brewing Company, Taras Manzie, said he is excited to expand into the United States.

“We often have visitors come up and buy beer here to bring home, but now we’ll be selling in the U.S.,” Manzie said.

Lake of the Woods Brewing partnered with American-based Lake of the Woods Brewing, owned by Eric Nerland, to bring their beer to Minnesota.  

Nerland said the partnership is bringing everything tourists love about Lake of the Woods Brewing to the American side of the lake.

The new brewery will be located in downtown Warroad at 112 Main Ave. NW.

Lake of the Woods will be Minnesota’s northernmost brewery and is the first brewery to be open internationally, Neland said.

The brewery will be brewing “hyperlocal beer,” trying out flavors that appeal to the Minnesotan palette.

“Wild rice is extremely popular, especially on the southern shore of Lake of the Woods,” Manzie said.

Minnesotans are not historically craft beer people, Neland said. But the brewery will be making a light lager that even “anti-craft guys” will be interested in.

“We want to give people the experience of being at Lake of the Woods,” Neland said. “We’re one lake, two countries, why not have one brewery?”

Lake of the Woods Brewing Company opened in 2013 in Kenora. The brewery plans on expanding into Manitoba in the spring of 2019. Manzie said that North Dakota is also on the company’s radar. “We plan on concentrating on Minnesota, but it's hard to ignore markets like Duluth and Fargo,” he said.

Neland said the brewery plans to distribute throughout Minnesota, North Dakota and other places where people are familiar with the popular vacation spot.

“We’re excited to be a part of the local brewing fabric in Minnesota,” Manzie said.