GETTING TO BUSINESS: Grand Cities Games owners turn hobby into livelihood

Robert Hageman Title and business: Co-owner, Grand Cities Games Number of employees: Two First opened: Dec. 1, 2006 Phone number: (701) 775-8602 Address: 120 N. Washington St., Grand Forks Q. How did you get your start in this business? A. I was ...

Robert Hageman
Robert Hageman is a co-owner of Grand Cities Games in Grand Forks. Photo by John Hageman

Robert Hageman

Title and business: Co-owner, Grand Cities Games

Number of employees: Two

First opened: Dec. 1, 2006

Phone number:  (701) 775-8602


Address: 120 N. Washington St., Grand Forks

Q. How did you get your start in this business?

A. I was tired of working for someone else and wanted to be my own boss and the town needed a place like this since the last ones closed down years before.

Q. Did you have any hobbies that made you want to start this business?

A. My main hobby was Magic: The Gathering. I also collected comics and played board games. These were the main things that got me into starting a shop like this.

Q. What are some of your most popular items?

A. We carry a variety of games but Magic: The Gathering is by far the most popular. Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, board games, comics and Warhammer are also popular.

Q. How has the industry or shop changed over the years?


A. Since I open in 2006, Magic: The Gathering has got more popular every year. There also seems to be more people who like to play board games and read comics. Shows like Big Bang Theory have made gaming more of a popular thing then it use to be.

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