Border States Electric held the grand opening of its new facility on Thursday, Oct. 7, at 2311 S. 48th St.

Its old building had been in use since the early 1960s and was the company’s first location before eventually expanding to more than 100 locations in 22 states. The company broke ground at the new location, which cost around $9 million to build and covers more than 39,000 square feet, in July 2019.

Grand Forks Mayor Brandon Bochenski and Border States Electric President Jason Seger were present at the ribbon cutting, and Seger gave some remarks to the 30 or so people in attendance before it began.

“I am thrilled to be here with all of you for the grand opening of this great facility and talk about how we can really serve our commitment to the Grand Forks community, our customers and our employee owners,“ Seger said. “I want to say thank you to all of you here. This isn’t a celebration without people here to celebrate with to help make it a special day.”

Reannon Hoverson, branch manager of the new location, is excited to be working in a new facility.

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“The old location had gone through many transitions and additions, and just for efficiency purposes and customer experience, we really needed a new spot,” Hoverson said.

The new facility features a drive-thru area in the warehouse where customers can drive in, pick up their orders and drive out. Part of the need for this area also comes with living in North Dakota.

“The main driving for having a drive-thru area really is to keep customers protected from snow, rain, ice and wind when they're loading that material,” Hoverson said. “That’s a huge advantage of this facility."

Hoverson said another feature of the new facility is the space for growth its design allows for.

“Our area inside for sale support, there’s infinite room there for growth,” Hoverson said. “That’s an advantage, too. There’s just more space in our warehouse to hold materials for projects or hold items for customers. The space itself is a big deal for our customer experience and the efficiency it provides. The other building that we were in, it was kind of like, ‘Here’s a block. There’s a block.’ It didn’t flow. This one, the construction was intentional. As far as grabbing material after hours, we have an (indoor) protected area which is coded, so our customers can come in after hours, put the code into the door and grab their material.”

The new space is also improving work life for employees. Hoverson having the new space has made her job much easier.

“We’re kind of a hub-and-spoke, too,” Hoverson said. “We help with inventory over in Bemidji. They’re quite a bit smaller. My life as a branch manager in this spot… When your people are happy, then things are going great. When your people are happy to be at work, then life is made easier. When we have the space, we have the material and we have good people working for us, then everything else falls into place.”