Jennifer Walsh started her personal health business Getting Well Together in March. The Grand Forks Herald sat down with her to discuss her business and how she helps people reach their personal health goals.

Q: When and why did you start Getting Well Together?

A: I have been in the health and fitness industry for about eight years in many different forms. I am a fitness instructor at the Grand Forks YMCA, I am a certified diabetes prevention lifestyle coach and I've always wanted to get into health and wellness coaching. I kind of decided to do it after the last year and a half, with everything that was going on ... pandemic-wise and and all of that. I thought, ‘Now is now is the time.’ I am actually recently certified through ACE, which is the American Council of Exercise, in health coaching, and I also have a specialization in weight management. That’s kind of when I decided that I want to be able to step out and be a health coach and coach health and wellness for people that are working on both fitness goals and wellness goals.

Q: How do you help people reach achieve their desired change, and what kinds of people do you help?

A: I think one of the main things I like to focus on is seeing what someone's goal is. I've worked with clients that are the standard ‘I want to lose weight.’ I've had clients that have recently divorced, and they want to refocus on themselves and find time for themselves again. The little things are what I like looking at. What are some little things we can do every day to help work towards our larger goals? Another thing I like focus on is goal setting. It’s not just I want this,’ it’s ‘This is my goal. How do we get there?’

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Q: What kinds of things do you help with in order to help people meet their health goals?

A: I like to focus on goal-setting, big-picture goals. I mean everyone's goal is good to them, but I really like to focus on up working with either individuals or groups to see how they want to improve whatever part of their life, which would include stress reduction and different ways to fit in workouts if they don't have time to do a standard workout. I'm not all about a standard, ‘Let’s go to the gym’ workout, I'm all about, 'Let's find some time and add some meaningful movement.’ As a health and wellness coach, I don't come up with specific eating plans, I’m able to guide them on may be some healthier swap-out choices. If they like something that's maybe high fat and calories what are some things we could swap out for that?

Q: Has the COVID-19 pandemic affected how you run your business?

A: Honestly, I guess with my experience, with the health and wellness aspect of a business, there hasn’t been too much. The positive about starting a business in a pandemic is you're already looking at all the options. One of the most awesome things about coaching is you can do it in person or virtually. I've done both, so the nice thing is there actually there hasn't been as much of a struggle in a pandemic with coaching, because I can take clients virtually over Zoom, and I can take them in person. That’s been kind of a plus. There really hasn't been the standard issues with starting this type of business around a pandemic. I’m actually quite lucky.

Q: What should people know if they want to make life changes but are hesitant to pull the trigger and make the changes?

A: One of the main things is I always encourage people to just take the chance, first of all. Reach out, take the chance and ask questions. I'm all about answering whatever questions they have, but they do need to be ready to do the work, and if they're not maybe we can figure out why or what's holding them back.