Brady Austfjord started his one-man-band business Ace’s Yard Solutions last spring. The Grand Forks Herald sat down with him to discuss his business and how it has fared since its inception.

Q: Why did you get into doing landscaping?

A: It’s a different kind of line of work. I used to turn wrenches all the time as a mechanic, and I enjoy doing this kind of work. I’ve done quite a bit of landscaping and tree (demolition). I’ve always done anything from doing grey work to digging out any kind of trees. It’s just a change of lifestyle.

Q: What kind of landscaping services do you provide?

A: I’ll come and remove trees, grind stumps and remove any kind of clearing for yards. As far as getting places and spots ready for a job site for anyone to come and pour concrete, I can clean up the area.

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Q: What are the challenges of starting and maintaining a landscaping business during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: Actually, right now a problem I have is that I need a bigger saw, and everything is on back order. I can’t get anything. It was tough because I started doing this and purchased my first piece of equipment last spring, and then my wife was staying at home with our four kids while this was all going on. She was teaching them, and I was trying to work nights while still doing a side business and trying to get myself going. COVID was a kicker. I would’ve started last spring, but that didn’t happen right away.

Q: Does the changing of seasons in the region affect how you go about your job or what kinds of services you can provide?

A: I’ll go all the way through. I’ll cut in the wintertime, too. I actually prefer cutting in the wintertime. I don’t mind it for the simple fact that if somebody has a really nice yard and the ground is frozen, then I don’t have to worry about wrecking their yard. Snow doesn’t really affect things. I’ve got a bucket truck that has four-wheel-drive.

Q: Is there anything customers should know that will help make your work go smoother?

A: People can help find a spot for me to dump the trees I take out. That will always keep the expense down if they can find an area close by or anything like that.