For 5 Questions this week, the Herald speaks to Tyler Piper, co-owner of Bryper Web, Media & More, in Grand Forks.

Q: Tell us about the services you offer, and what do you do to get businesses online.

A: The big service that we offer is web design, and we package it with different high definition forms of media that they can use on social media, too. Then we also help them set up any online services, like online stores or online ordering, whatever it may be. And then as far as getting people online, we can do whatever they need, whether it's replacing an old site or starting up a new one completely.

Q: Is all the work done in-house, or do you contract out for some of it? You also do drone video, is that done in-house as well?

A: It's all in-house. The other owner and I do the full-time stuff and then we've got one more person that helps us out part time if we need it. I do all the drone stuff, too. I've got the FAA certification. We actually started working with a couple businesses in Devils Lake that do fishing. We were doing some media stuff out there and (doing drone videos) kind of expanded from that.

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Q: What has really kept you busy throughout the pandemic?

A: The biggest one at first was trying to get people up and ready to take online orders and curbside orders. And then from there, just with everything shifting to more like an online platform, we've been helping some businesses just tweak some of their old stuff and get things up and running and more suited for things like the phone, or tablets.

Q: What do you think about a business relying on Facebook for their online presence? How can you help a business get noticed online?

A: It works for some people, but if you want to be competitive at all or if you have a wide variety of customers that you're trying to reach, the website is going to be a more consistent presence. Facebook's great for like daily specials and getting customers stuff fast, but as you need something that's going to be more steady and around for a longer period of time, websites are going to be the way to go. We do search engine optimization stuff with every one of our sites too, and that includes maintenance and keeping that up to date and everything. Google's got a big switch coming through with their algorithm and all that stuff, so we're working on getting all of our existing clients up to date for that, get them ready.

Q: When you need to unplug and get away from work, what do you do?

A: When it’s not below zero golfing is the big one, so I’m excited to get out there.