For 5 Questions this week, the Herald speaks with Brennen Grubb, owner of Grand Forks Fit Body Boot Camp, at 2424 32nd Ave. S., Suite 104A.

Q: Please take us through a 30-minute session at your gym.

A: We have a five-minute warmup that the coaches run you through to make sure you're loose and ready to go. Depending upon how the workout structure is, you have about 25 minutes of workout time. It's interval training, so you go at your own pace. You have high periods of workout time with low periods of rest. It's functional training equipment that we use, so battle ropes, dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, jump ropes, you name it. When you're actually doing an exercise you have less chance of injuring yourself as opposed to Olympic-style, where you're in a squat rack and lifting heavier weights.

Q: How often should people be doing these sessions?

A: I suggest you do three or more times a week. We have sessions throughout the entire day, so you're able to pick and choose which session you want to go to each day. Hopefully we're able to accommodate everyone's schedules.

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Q: What sets you apart from other fitness clubs?

A: We like to feel like we bring a really good family environment. It's a judgment free zone. When you walk into the gym one of the things you'll notice is that we don't have any mirrors. So really, you can't look at yourself in the mirror and see what you look like, and others can't look at you either. We also don't have the big macho man in the corner lifting weights, throwing down the weights, spitting on the mirror, grunting, you know, all that intimidation going on. You're going to walk in with a group of people, our members included, that are just there to help, and that are just there to encourage, and that are in your corner every step of the way.

Q: How did you become a trainer?

A: I've been in the fitness field for about eight years now. I went to school for exercise science, so I guess I was just destined to have to be in the fitness field. I gradually worked my way up through to become a regional manager at one point, and thought that with the way things were being run that I just wasn't on board with it. I decided to branch off and do something on my own and bought into the Fit Body Boot Camp franchise, and was able to make this gym the way that I wanted it to be run, with that family environment and judgement-free zone.

Q: Do your members ask you about nutrition, as well as fitness?

A: Absolutely. We don't force nutrition upon anybody. But when somebody does ask about it, we do like to give tidbits and guidance on some of that stuff. The biggest thing that we want to let people know is that carbohydrates are not the devil, they are not going to make you gain weight assuming that they are used correctly. That's something that we can definitely help out with just to help accelerate the results that people want to see.