For 5 Questions this week, the Herald speaks to Richard Dafoe, owner of running footwear and apparel shop See Dick Run, located at 28 S. Third St., in downtown Grand Forks.

Q: You relocated to downtown recently from 32nd Avenue South, what was behind the move?

A: The original motivator was our five-year lease was up with Menards, and they did not give us the opportunity to negotiate a new lease. They signed a lease with Pizza Ranch to expand through our space, and we thought oh, we have to move. When we first started the business I loved downtown, I loved the idea of being downtown, but people encouraged us not to open a new retail business downtown six years ago. But now it was like the opportunity was there to move, we had to move and saw the space. It just made sense.

Q: How have things been in your new location?

A: Fantastic, we love it. Customers love it. Everyone that walks in has just been astounded with how good it feels in here. As far as runs and events and that kind of stuff goes, it's perfect. You hop on the Greenway, you don't have to deal with icy roads and cars and that kind of stuff. The community downtown, as far as the other businesses go and the support for one another, is fantastic.

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Q: Are you still doing group run events? Do you draw a lot of people?

A: Yeah, we do Thursday nights. We meet here at 7 p.m. for a run. Then afterwards those that want to or are able to meander over to the Rhombus Brewery and enjoy some local fair there. Then Saturday mornings at 9:00 we do a run as well. It's not huge Saturday morning, it's more than Thursday night, but it's actually starting to grow now that we've been down here. I think the other location on 32nd Avenue was just not ideal for meeting and heading out for a run, so I think it's going to continue to grow.

Q: What does a person need to know if they want to get started out with running?

A: The best thing getting started out for a new runner is to come in and get fit. We do a gait analysis fitting process and make sure you're in a shoe that's going to be good for you. And then from there as far as running indoors or outdoors and what kind of gear you need, we're able to help set people up with that, too.

Q: You Betcha Ice Cream is in here every so often holding a pop-up shop, how are they fitting in with your store?

A: Great, I mean doing any collaboration we can do with other local businesses is fun. It’s fun to do and hopefully beneficial to everybody. I coach cross country at Red River High School, and (You Betcha Ice Cream co-owner) Paul McCullough, he was a former athlete. So it's super fun to see him now as a young entrepreneur.