5 Questions with Jen's Macs & More

The Grand Forks Herald sat down with Jennifer Cheguis-Forward, who started Jen’s Macs & More last summer after finishing her bachelor’s degree in nursing, for 5 Questions this week.

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A cake baked by Jen’s Macs & More owner Jennifer Cheguis-Forward.
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The Grand Forks Herald sat down with Jennifer Cheguis-Forward, who started Jen’s Macs & More last summer after finishing her bachelor’s degree in nursing, for 5 Questions this week.

Q: Why did you start your home kitchen?

A: I've always baked. I've always been a baker since I was a very young child up until now at 35. I guess I just recently decided to start baking for I guess I call it compensation, just because I don't really bake for profit. I mostly do it for fun. It's a hobby of mine. I love doing it. And I don't want it to turn into work. It's just something I really enjoy doing.

Q: How did you originally get into baking?

A: It was something I grew up with. My mom did a lot of home baking, and so me and my younger sister, we would help her in the kitchen. It was always something that I liked. I just always liked doing stuff in the kitchen ever since we were young girls.


Q: What kinds of baked goods do you sell?

A: The things I like to focus on are macarons, cakes, specialty cakes like cheesecakes and cupcakes, but I’ll do special request things, too. I’ve done other things, but those are my forte.

Q: What are the easiest and most difficult things for you to bake?

A: The easiest thing would probably be a cheesecake. I love making cheesecakes. They just come together in a snap for me. The hardest is probably going to be the macarons. A macaron is probably one of the most difficult desserts to make. They're just super finicky, totally dependent on the weather, moisture in the air, oil in the flower and there's so many things that can go wrong with making a macaron. They're technically like expert-level baking, and that's kind of what drew me to them, because I'm always up for a challenge, and one of my friends wanted them for her wedding, and so I said, “OK, I'll give it a shot.” I had many, many failures before I started to get consistent results, but that's just the story of the macaron, and that's usually how it goes everybody.

Q: How long did it take you to become proficient at decorating cakes?

A: I would say every cake I do, I still consider it practice for myself. Just starting out with a basic crumb coat, I remember years ago when that was super hard for me, and now a crumb coat, I can just throw it on within a couple minutes and then move on and keep doing the next step of the process, and there's, even now, still skills that I work on, and I think with everything that I do, I just like to practice a lot with cupcakes and then apply it to cakes. There's still times when I try a new skill and it doesn't turn out the way I wanted to have to scrape the whole cake off and change my design.

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