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5 Questions with Busy B Cleaning ND

The Grand Forks Herald sat down with Brittany Theil, who started traveling cleaning service Busy B Cleaning ND in October 2021, for 5 Questions this week.

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Brittany Thiel started Busy B Cleaning ND last fall.

The Grand Forks Herald sat down with Brittany Theil, who started traveling cleaning service Busy B Cleaning ND in late October 2021, for 5 Questions this week.

Q: Why did you start a cleaning business?

A: A number of reasons. The biggest one is I was looking for a little more flexibility in my own personal schedule. I have two stepkids and my daughter, and so I needed something that I could work hours around my kiddos, and there just really seemed to be a need for a rural, mobile cleaning service. There's not really one out here. Once I started cleaning, it spread so fast, and people were telling their friends how great of a job I did, and friends were telling other friends. Before I knew it, everyone was like, “Wow, we have a need for this service.”

Q: What kinds of different cleaning services do you provide?

A: I do deep cleaning. Some people hire me to do (it) every single week. I do like a general touch up of their house, their kitchen, their bathrooms or bedrooms. I do laundry and folding. Sometimes some projects are organizational projects where people just want help decluttering space. I’ve done all kinds of kinds of different things


Q: How long can it take for you to complete different kinds of jobs?

A: That all really depends on what my client is wanting. So, what I typically do is I book a four-hour session for each client, and then I find I can do couple bathrooms and maybe a couple living spaces in that time and a kitchen. Usually I can go by the hour, or I go by a four-hour session.

Q: What do you get out of cleaning that others might dislike?

A: I'm a very detail-oriented person, so for me, it's almost like artwork in a really weird way. Being able to start with a space and do a before and after in your own mind, it's fun for me and clients, too. I’ve found they thanked me, and some of them have even cried and said, “Thank you so much for helping me get my space back and reclaim this area.” People are really grateful for that, and so that makes me feel great, too.

Q: How does COVID-19 impact what services you provide?

A: I haven't had any clients request me to wear a mask yet, but I let them know that if they want me to, I will. I bring all my own cleaning supplies, so I take my time disinfecting as I go. So, when I'm doing surfaces or countertops, there’s extra sanitizing there. Gloves are a really big one, and some supplies I keep to each client's house, things like vacuum cleaners, but that stays with each client's household. So, it’s just taking a couple extra precautions when I tend to be mindful of COVID.

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