5 Questions for Karen Knutson at Keep In Touch Massage

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Karen Knutson

This week the Herald speaks with Karen Knutson, a massage therapist who runs Keep In Touch Massage. She has two locations, one in Larimore at 511 Booth Ave., and the other in Grand Forks at 2303 S. Washington St. Get in touch with her at (701) 772-0212 or .

Q: How long have you been a massage therapist and why did you get into this line of work?

A: I've been a massage therapist going on eight years. Before that, I worked as an LPN in Larimore, at a clinic. Then I did long-term care when I went to massage therapy school. I just saw a need for a therapist in Larimore. There really wasn't any massage therapist there at the time, and working at the clinic, I saw a lot of issues that I thought massage therapy could help. An opportunity presented itself that my daughter was going to go to school, and I thought we could both go to school at the same time. I could take the massage therapy program here locally, and she was attending beauty school here, too. And then I got licensed. I started in Larimore, and then I opened a practice (in Grand Forks) about five or six years ago.

Q: Has business been good?

A: I started in Larimore. I have a small house that was built, like in the early '30s. It's an old little house next to my house, and that's where I started my original practice. I just had an opportunity to get a small office in Grand Forks and kind of change things up a little bit and to broaden my client base. In Larimore, I would promote some locally, but I also wanted the opportunity to expand and work in Grand Forks. I found a small office and then I would work in Grand Forks two days a week and Larimore three days a week. Then Grand Forks got to be more, now I'm down to one day a week in Larimore, which is completely booked. Usually booked a month or two out.


Q: Is your massage practice mainly for relaxation?

A: I do a lot of relaxation. I work with people that have sciatic issues. I also offer cupping for people that have some major knots that maybe just regular massage isn't enough. And we incorporate some cupping into a massage. We offer hot stones, which also helps. So it's therapeutic. It's kind of up to the client when they come in what their issues are or what they want out of the massage.

Q: What does a person who has never had a massage need to know before the first time?

A: Some things to know for your very first time is to wear something comfortable. I always tell people they should go to the bathroom because you don't want to have to get up in the middle of the session. It shouldn't be super painful. In other words, you shouldn't come in here and pay for a massage and feel like somebody just beat you up. Let your massage therapists know that that's probably a little too deep or too much pressure for your first time, especially.

Q: Are people able to buy a massage as a gift for someone else?

A: All the time. Actually, the holidays are probably some of my highest grossing sales because I do gift certificates. And I run a special, buy three get one free. So I saw a lot of gift certificates over the holidays and people love getting a massage. If it's somebody you don't know what to give them, usually they really enjoy getting a massage. I don't know if other therapists do this, but I do offer a $5 discount for seniors, military and students.

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