5 Questions for Dustin Barber, at DB's The Station in Larimore

Dustin Barber stands in his shop in Larimore, ND. (Submitted photo)

Five Questions features Dustin Barber, owner of the restaurant DB’s The Station in Larimore.

Q. How did you come to run a restaurant in Larimore?

A: My name is Dustin Barber. My wife, Sandra, and I live in Larimore, N.D., where we have raised three boys, Zane, 14, Caleb, 18, and Jake, 19. I’m originally from Marshall, Minn. In 2008, I quickly found the meaning of small-town neighborly living. For the last 10 years, I have volunteered my time to the Larimore Fire Department, where I hold the position as fire chief, as well as being a member of the ambulance and rescue services.. At present, I sit on the city council and have helped with the local Boy Scout troop, community clubs and have also worked for the city of Larimore.

Q: What is the theme of your restaurant?

A: On Oct. 19, 2015, DB’s The Station opened its doors to a dream of opportunity and tribute. The Station name came about from where all emergency services, military, law-enforcement, fire, EMS get to start the day, meet during the day or end of the day. We definitely have a fire department feel. We also embrace our youth with team pictures on our Polar pride wall, and we have a huge chalkboard wall for anyone to be creative. The station provides a full menu, ranging from pizza, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, salads, appetizers an,d of course, ice cream.


Q: What was the learning curve like, going from being a firefighter to a business owner?

A: I don’t believe there are any special challenges that we face that any other business doesn’t. The thing that I like the most about running my small town business is that it gives youth the opportunity for their first work experience. They are the future to everything. None of them will make a career out of working here, but this might just be the job that makes their career stronger. I would be nothing without my staff. If you have ever visited us and met Jody (when a customer leaves, they can ring a bell and she shouts “Yes, honey!”), you know they are the success of the business.

Q: What can you tell us about the community in Larimore?

A: Larimore is strong. We are an up-and-coming community. We want what’s best for ourselves and our kids. I think what makes DB’s the Station successful is the continued support that we get from our patrons and the support that Sandra and I constantly give back to the community. It’s just a big circle, not a triangle. Triangles have corners.

Q: What is in the future for DB’s The Station?

A: I don’t know where DB’s The Station is going to be in five years. Possibly expansion, who knows? I can tell you that we will always be changing; we will never be the same. Any business has to keep evolving to the times. We have online ordering and social media platforms. The sky’s the limit really.

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