This week the Herald talks to Gary Dub, at Dub Construction, located at 501 Manvel Ave., in Manvel, N.D.

Q: How long have you been doing this kind of work, and what services do you offer?

A: We do concrete work, excavation and residential seepage control. I have been in business for over 48 years. Our residential seepage control includes landscaping for water control, drain tile and outside sump systems. I developed the outside sump system in the early 80s. It is easy to say that I have installed approximately 11,000 outside sump systems throughout the Red River Valley.

Q: How busy have you been recently? Why so busy?

A: The demand for outside sump systems is typically high in the spring when people are experiencing seepage, when the frost comes out of the ground. This year we had a wet spring and this fall has been unusually wet. The over five inches of rain the weekend of Sept. 20 caused many homes to have water in their basements. The continued rainfalls and unusual fall blizzard have kept up water seepage problems in basements. The ground became saturated. People who have never had seepage problems are getting water in their basements for the first time. Unfortunately, once water finds a path into the basement, it will come again. To prepare for what looks like a very wet spring, we will continue to install outside sump systems until we can’t, due to weather conditions.

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Q: What are the benefits of an outside sump system?

A: The outside sump system keeps water from seeping into the home causing damage to property. It blends well with landscaping, it lowers the water table and lessens hydrostatic pressure on basement walls, reducing premature cracking or shifting of walls and floors. Installation is convenient to homeowners.

Q: Is there an advantage to having an outside sump pump versus having an inside sump pump? Which is better?

A: The advantage of the outside sump system is that the water is removed before it enters the basement. With an inside sump pump the water is removed after it enters the basement. Another advantage is that you are not taking up any inside square footage of living space.

Q: What other things can homeowners do to prevent seepage/ water in their basement?

A: Make sure that there is an effective gutter system and that the downspouts are draining well away from the house. Clean the debris out of the gutters. Landscaping around the house needs to be sloped away from the house so the water is directed away from the house.