Add the Grand Forks Country Club to businesses dealing with the unusual October flooding.

“This is something that is very unique to us, and something we were not expecting,” said Doug Iverson, Grand Forks Country Club general manager.

Grand Forks County Road 6 East, which leads to the country club, was closed this week as a result of flooding from excessive September rains and the Oct. 10-11 snowstorm. However, visitors to the country club still can gain access to the building and grounds, Iverson said. Instead of turning east off of North Dakota Highway 81 South onto County Road 6 East, they can continue on Highway 81 a mile further south, then turn east and double back a mile north on a gravel road.

There only is water sitting in low-lying areas of the golf course, Iverson said. However, the golf course is closed because the ground is saturated.

“If we get ideal drying conditions in the next week, we may re-open,” Iverson said.

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Several of the country club holes on low ground were under water from April 1 to May 2. There was no damage to buildings, but there was some damage to the golf course’s turf during the spring flood.

Iverson doesn’t expect any damage to the turf from this round of flooding because cool weather has slowed the turf’s rate of growth.

“The turf was heading the right direction as far as becoming dormant,” said Iverson, who doesn’t expect the flood waters to remain long.

“The length of this flood shouldn’t prove to be detrimental,” he said.

Country club staff will monitor the turf daily to determine whether it is firm enough for golfing to resume.

Other than for golfing, the Grand Forks Country Club is open for business as usual.

“We’re open for events and membership dining,” Iverson said.