The space that was formerly Macy's in the Columbia Mall will remain empty for now.

Multiple new tenants were supposed to move into the space after it was purchased by Joy 2001 in January of 2018.

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"That deal basically fell apart," said Michael Marcotte, broker for Berkshire Hathaway Realty.

Now Marcotte said he wants the city to move into the old Macy's space. Marcotte said the space would be a great place for a new city library.

While currently valued at $4.8 million, Marcotte said the space is listed for sale at $1.8 million.

"It is the best deal in town," Marcotte said. "If they use that for five, six, seven years the city will make money on it."

Marcotte said he emailed Grand Forks city administrator Todd Feland and City Council President Dana Sande about using the property for city offices or a library.

The city doesn't have plans to get involved with the space, Feland said.

"Our number one priority is to help facilitate and follow the lead of the Columbia Mall as part of any redevelopment plan," Feland said.

Feland thinks mixed-use development is the best use for that space.

"Retail is where we are struggling the most," Feland said. "I think the higher and better use of that space is for the private sector. ... I certainly think it's an idea, but I think there are better ideas to transform that space and add value in the community."

Marcotte said he had not yet discussed the idea with the Columbia Mall, but was just trying to learn how the city felt about the space.