As many huddled inside their homes cursing the weather, Judy's Tavern in Grand Forks threw a party to celebrate the subzero temperatures Wednesday.

Judy's, typically open from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m., opened at 9 a.m. on Wednesday in honor of the chilly temperature.

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"From open to close, it stayed busy," said owner of Judy's and broker at Oxford Realty, Mike Opp. "It was shoulder to shoulder, nonstop."

Many other bars in town closed due to the weather, but Opp said that he thought Judy's customers would want to come drink.

"I just wanted to open early. I didn't intend for it to turn into a party," Opp said.

Pizza Corner brought 30 pizzas to the bar and they were gone by noon, Opp said. Judy's also offered a variety of hot chocolate for $1.

Some bars in town were closed for the extreme cold, Opp said. Joe Black's and the Hub Pub, both downtown, did last call an hour earlier to make sure all patrons got home safely.

Opp said that he didn't want to do anything dangerous, but figured with the temperature dropping as low as negative 35 that people would want to come drink early.

"I just figured since it was cold out people would want to get away," Opp said. "I also figured people's cars might not start, so I said that I would give them a ride."

Opp said he picked up one person whose car wouldn't start. He also drove a couple of people home.

"I was in and out all day and the bartenders were under strict instructions to make sure everyone was safe," Opp said. "It's also a small bar and I have 30 people next door (at Oxford Realty) who care about Judy's and about the people in Judy's."

Opp said that some were calling the event a "polar vortex party."

"We opened early, and it just turned into a party," Opp said.