Downtown women’s fashion retailer Voxxy, a clothing store that focuses on women’s empowerment and body positivity, had a soft opening Friday, July 19 in its new location. A grand opening is set for the last Saturday and Sunday in July.

The clothing store moved to its new location at 317 Kittson Ave. from a previous location on North Third Street.

“There is such a drought in women’s fashion for a majority of women, and that’s such a shame because you’ve got all these women who don’t feel like they can get dressed up," said Voxxy owner Mary Burd. "We wanted to bring some perspective, but we also wanted to bring this store for women’s shopping where they could feel slim, they could feel beautiful, and they could express themselves through fashion.”

Burd said the lighting in the new location is great, and that she loves that part of downtown.

In addition to women’s fashion and accessories, Voxxy also features a "She Center," which is an open space for hosting events. A lot of those events will be hosted by She Retreat, a wellness company started by Burd in conjunction with Sorella Wellness owner Kristin Cariveau, a women’s wellness and postnatal coach.

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“We got to talking about all these amazing women we were meeting, and how there is such a need for a place for us to network and gather and empower and build this community together,” said Burd. “We’ve been doing events for close to a year now and it’s been really growing.”

The space inside Voxxy has been used to host events ranging from mother and daughter flower arrangement workshops, to yoga, meditation and women’s empowerment events.

“Voxxy is more of a movement than anything," said Burd. "All women deserve to have access to great fashion, all women deserve to love themselves, and all women deserve to feel good in their own bodies and not be punished for not being this size 2."