Christa Lawler

Christa Lawler is a former reporter for the Duluth News Tribune.

Parody master is leaving the likes of 'I Want a New Duck' at home, though.
Gaelynn Lea will create the music for a revival of "Macbeth" directed by Sam Gold.
"Colors of the Rainbow" is a documentary about the life of a self-described recluse with a popular program on North Shore community radio.
Ian Grant's "Culture Quest" debuts on public television this month.
Matthew Koshmrl of Chisholm spent six years with the subjects of "Land of My Father" โ€” people fighting for Dokdo Islands' return to South Korea.
Daniel Durant has been on YouTube, ABC Family and Broadway. Now he's in a much-buzzed-about "CODA," which hits theaters and Apple TV+ this weekend.
Lois Paulucci donated $3 million to create Bayfront Festival Park in its current version.
The Grammy Award-winning musician will be joined by a mix of local and regional artists.
Matt Oman, an artist and curator, is showing pieces by a handful of artists, including himself, on Saturdays in a garage gallery.
Nick Hansen, Anne Hansen and Lindsey Martinson are behind a quick-hit episodic comedy about a man who is perpetually cast as a member of the wedding party.