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UND Football: How’d we get to 1-4?

As the beat reporter for a team not living up to preseason hype, I get a lot of questions from fans looking for something to blame these days about the UND football program. Here’s a few I get often and how I see it:

Q. I know UND has a ton of injuries, but there’s still got to be a bigger problem, right?

A. Not really. I picked UND to win the league in preseason Big Sky Conference polls. If you told me before the season UND wouldn’t play with Deion Harris, Cole Reyes, Noah Wanzek, Mason Bennett, Evan Holm, Noah Larson, Luke Fiedler, Kyle Norberg, Luke Stanley, Josh Seibel, A.J. Stockwell, Mat Cox, Andre Randolph, Demon Taylor and Donnell Rodgers, I’d tell you that sounds like a pretty poor team. If there’s anything I missed in preseason, it might have been the importance of Connor O’Brien’s retirement and what that meant inside.

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