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Roseau area ‘Wildlife Drive’ reopens

“Wildlife Drive,” a 27-mile corridor through the Roseau River Wildlife Management Area will reopen July 19 to 27 and weekends thereafter through Aug. 17, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

However, the middle section of the drive will be closed for repairs to a slump in the Pool 2 dike. Drivers will still be able to get on the dike road from gates on either end of the drive but travel on over the whole dike system will not be allowed.

Roseau River WMA is 20 miles northwest of Roseau, Minn.

Wildlife Drive takes visitors through wetland, woodland, brushland and farmland habitats and is one of the stops along the Pine to Prairie Birding Trail in northwest Minnesota. Each of the 45 stops offers some of the best views of birds in the state. The Roseau River WMA features some 150 species of birds during the breeding season.

In addition, the drive cuts through a part of an area burned by the Juneberry 3 wildfire in October 2011, which is now covered with grass, wildflowers and woody plants.

The DNR urges drivers to be careful because driving through the area because of narrow roads, soft shoulders, deep ditches and two-way traffic.

For more info: go to or call (218) 463-1130.