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New series of reference guides have tips for weather disaster preparations

The tornado that wreaked havoc in a Watford City, N.D., RV camp Monday provided yet another stern reminder that weather disasters can happen just about anywhere, and being prepared can make the difference between life and death.

 A new series from noted reference guide publisher Waterford Press offers some tips for making those preparations.

“Urban Survival” is a series of four folding guides specific to the four natural disasters that occur most regularly across the U.S.: floods, tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes.

Based on FEMA guidelines, each “Urban Survival Guide” focuses on what to do before, during and after an event, with an emphasis on creating a simple preparedness plan to ensure the safety of all family members. In addition, the guides feature QR codes that allow users to connect to the key emergency response sites, including the Red Cross and FEMA.

The guides are designed to help homeowners and residents in disaster-prone areas take measures that will help them stay safe and — at the very least — be poised to recover to the best extent possible after a disaster.

That means being prepared.

According to a news release from Waterford Press, the “Urban Survival” guides are available in Walgreens, True Valu Hardware Stores, Tractor Supply stores and hundreds of other bookstores around the country and online.

The pocket guides retail for $6.95 and are available directly from the publisher at The publisher also offers a variety of other products, including state and regional wildlife viewing guides, parks and sanctuaries and survival guides.