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REC TOPPER: The Plano Bone Collector Sportsman’s Trunk

The Plano Bone Collector Sportsman’s Trunk is designed to protect a variety of outdoor clothes and gear. The trunk retails for $39.99 in black and $49.99 camo. Info:

There comes a time in the life of every hunter when repurposed gear won’t cut it anymore.

That includes hunting totes.

For hunters ready to move on from apple crates, laundry baskets and hockey duffle bags —— and begin stowing that gear like a pro — a new trunk from Plano fits the bill without breaking the bank.

The Bone Collector Sportsman’s Trunk is designed to keep clothes from being contaminated by scent. It is waterproof and dustproof with the use of a thick rubber gasket on the lid.

Purposefully designed, the amply sized carrier (37¾-by-14-by-18¼ inches) houses a hunt’s worth of gear. The molded trunk locks and loads like a shipping container. Oversized latches clamp down a fully removable lid, which snugs firmly on its hinges when you want it opening and closing like a treasure chest. The lid and base are molded with grooves, too, for sturdy stacking.

The trunk also features durable wheels for hauling when it’s weighted-down with everything but the kitchen sink.

Here’s a closer look at the Sportsman’s Trunk features:

  • Lockable tie-down strap compatible four secure latches.
  • Removable lid for easier access.
  • Wheels for easier transporting.
  • Carrying handle molded into trunk.
  • Exterior 37¾ by 14 by 18¼ inches.
  • Interior 34¾ by 13½ 16 inches.

Available in numerous stores and sporting goods outlets, the Sportsman’s Trunk retails for $39.99 in black and $49.99 in camo.