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REC TOPPER: 'Orienteering Made Simple and GPS Technology'

“Orienteering Made Simple and GPS Technology" by Nancy Kelly.

It might seem like a ways off now (after yet another blizzard), but summer will get here eventually.

Even during this unwelcome winter slump, many families are planning vacations and camping adventures to remote areas and national parks where they will have to navigate off the beaten path.

Most of us cannot find our way out of a paper bag without our smartphones telling us where to go. Learning the art of orienteering is a prized skill and one that should help in multiple areas of our lives.

Nancy Kelly, author and New York physical education teacher, has a personal passion for the outdoors and has led numerous workshops in orienteering and activities to get groups active and exploring.

In her new book, “Orienteering Made Simple and GPS Technology,” Kelly lays out lesson plans, worksheets and a step-by-step approach to aid in youth educational settings. Teachers, group leaders and parents alike can use the publication to enhance a student’s problem-solving skills and personal development.

“This book is designed to bring technology into the classroom using games that require problem solving and teamwork,” Kelly said. “Teaching orienteering and GPS technology in the classroom can be fun and rewarding, and using the handbook will help take away the fear of starting something new by giving the instructor easy lessons to follow and implement.”

Kelly’s book is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and AuthorHouse online bookstores and retails for about $16.