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TALKIN WITH DOKKEN: Recipes from readers?

Q. I always enjoy the recipes I see on the Herald’s website for wild game. Has the Herald ever considered running recipes from readers or compiling the recipes that have been run into a cookbook?

A. I suspect you’re in good company if you’re a hunter or fisherman who enjoys trying different ways to prepare the fish or game you bring home after a successful outing.

I try to publish at least one wild game recipe a month on the Recreation Report page that appears on Page E2 of our Sunday Outdoors section and under the Outdoors link of our website at Most of the time, these recipes appear courtesy of Kris Winkelman of Babe Winkelman Productions, host of the “Kris’ Kitchen” segment that is part of her husband, Babe’s, outdoors TV show. I occasionally run recipes from other sources, as well, including press releases I receive by email and various syndicated outlets.

I couldn’t remember any Herald-published cookbooks off the top of my head so I checked with Marsha Gunderson, the Herald’s marketing manager. As it turns out, the Herald in 2005 published a calendar with monthly recipes from “Chef Jeff” Tiedeman, who retired as the Herald’s food editor a couple of years back. The calendar included recipes for baked salmon and baked pheasant, the latter of which looks especially tasty (I’m not a big salmon fan).

As for publishing a cookbook featuring exclusively fish and wild game recipes, no plans are in the works. Publishing a cookbook or a calendar along the lines of the 2005 calendar, which ran as an insert to the Herald, would depend on selling enough advertising to offset the costs of printing and production.

The Herald did publish a cookbook a couple of years back titled “The Melting Pot: A Celebration of our Heritages,” which features a variety of ethnic recipes from the people who settled the Red River Valley and surrounding areas. A few copies of the cookbook remain and can be purchased by contacting Sue Lindlauf of the Herald at (701) 787-6732. The cookbook costs $5 if purchased at the Herald or $7.50 if it has to be mailed.

That’s a long answer to your question, I know. The short answer to whether a wild game cookbook is in the works would be, “no.” That being said, publishing a story in the Outdoors section featuring recipes from readers is a good idea, and one I’ll put on my “to-do” list for sometime down the road. Stay tuned.

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Brad Dokken

Brad Dokken is editor of the Herald's Northland Outdoors section and also works as a copy editor and page designer. Dokken joined the Herald company in November 1985 as a copy editor for Agweek magazine and joined the Herald staff in 1989. He worked as a copy editor in the features and news departments before becoming outdoors editor in 1998. He also writes a blog called Compass Points. A Roseau, Minn., native, Dokken is a graduate of Bemidji State University. 

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