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Midsummer increase in aquatic vegetation requires extra diligence

A recent uptick in aquatic vegetation along docks and boat ramps across North Dakota is a good reminder for anglers and boaters to follow aquatic nuisance species regulations, the Game and Fish Department says.

"Aquatic plants can be the most abundant in the warmer months due to a combination of available nutrients, light and steadily increasing water temperatures," Jessica Howell, ANS coordinator for the North Dakota Game and Fish Department in Jamestown, said in a news release.

State regulations require all aquatic vegetation be removed from boats, personal watercraft, trailers and fishing equipment before leaving a body of water. That means "vegetation free" when transporting watercraft and other equipment away from a boat ramp, landing area or shoreline, Howell said.

Time out of the water needed to remove aquatic vegetation at the immediate water access area is allowed, she said.

"Some plant species are highly invasive, and other ANS can hitch a ride in vegetation as well," Howell said.

-- Herald staff report