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WORTH A LOOK: Sven Can See gel spray keeps nonprescription lenses from fogging up in the cold

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Wearing glasses in frigid temperatures like we've experienced the past few days can be a real pain when the lenses fog up after coming in from the cold.

I recently tested a new anti-fog and anti-frost gel spray called Sven Can See Xtreme Cold Formula, which is designed to keep lenses from fogging up in extreme cold conditions ranging from -20F to 20F.

So far, I've been impressed with what I've seen—more specifically, what I haven't seen, which is fogged-up lenses. I sprayed a dab of the gel on my lenses earlier this week and was pleasantly surprised to find they didn't fog up when I went back into the house.

Reading directions never has been one of my strong points, and I didn't realize until after the fact that the product is best suited for nonprescription lenses such as sunglasses, goggles, snowmobile visors, hockey visors, shooting and hunting glasses and safety glasses.

I sprayed the gel on my prescription lenses and didn't have any issues, but prescription lenses can have different coatings so it's best to check with an eyewear prescriber first.

I'll probably hold off on using the spray on my prescription sunglasses.

Sven Can See comes in a pen-like applicator that fits into a shirt pocket and should be applied 5 to 10 minutes before heading outdoors. Each application should last at least 8 hours, and each bottle is good for about 50 applications.

Sven Can See retails for $10.95, and while the closest retail outlets are limited to Duluth and the Twin Cities suburb of Long Lake, Minn., the product is available on Amazon.


-- Brad Dokken

Brad Dokken

Brad Dokken is editor of the Herald's Northland Outdoors section and also works as a copy editor and page designer. Dokken joined the Herald company in November 1985 as a copy editor for Agweek magazine and joined the Herald staff in 1989. He worked as a copy editor in the features and news departments before becoming outdoors editor in 1998. He also writes a blog called Compass Points. A Roseau, Minn., native, Dokken is a graduate of Bemidji State University. 

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