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DEER TALE: Old age and patience paid off for this hunter

Patience Hervey of East Grand Forks shared this story about her father, Arvid Peterson, which appeared in the newspaper in Badger, Minn., where her parents lived.

"Dad went deer hunting many years with my brother, Gene Peterson of Gatzke, Minn., and his son. Dad was 90 years old at this time! Dad died at age 93," wrote Hervey, who said the encounter likely would have happened in 1980 or 1981 because her dad died in 1984.

Here's the story Peterson wrote as it appeared in the Badger newspaper:

"On the first morning," Arvid said, "I picked up a chunk of wood to sit on and placed myself in some brush near a ditch along a narrow road. After sitting for about one-half hour I found this chunk of wood was not in the form of a bucket seat and my seat got tired, so I arose very slowly (my old age) and with plenty of patience to stand I stood there like a stick, moving only my eyes.

"Although my nose was dripping I simply let it drip. Well, about 20 minutes passed, then I saw a buck walking right towards me. I could have shot but he was still walking and I wanted a standing shot. I let him come within less than two rods (about 10 yards) of me, then he must have seen my eyeball because he stopped and put his head high in the air.

"I pulled the trigger ... the first jump he made just missed my nose, then he dropped about 10 rods (55 yards) from me. I had been out on my post less than one hour."

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