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Letter: This Christmas, turn the focus to Jesus

To the editor,

You don't have to look far to see much despair in the culture of the day. We can read daily in our newspapers of people suffering as a result of alcohol, drugs, sexual addictions, screen time addictions and more.

Respect for the gift of life seems to be on decline. Solutions come in the form of putting more money into "programs" to help. The importance of spending money on educating people rises to the top as the best solution. The culture has come to create false idols in the name of money, power and even sports, among others that we choose to spend our time on apart from prayer and worship. We have become too busy to pray.

There is a solution that few seem to be considering. We are in the Season of Advent, awaiting the coming of Jesus Incarnate and the final coming of our Lord and Savior. Imagine that. God sent His only begotten Son to show us the way to peace in our hearts—a peace that can spread throughout the world.

If we truly follow Him, yes, we may have times of great suffering. He does not promise that life will be easy. But there will be inner joy in knowing that we can do nothing without Him. Many saints died martyred deaths with insurmountable joy.

All it takes is to have a sincere desire to place Jesus in the center of our lives. It is so important that time is set aside daily for prayer. The Holy Spirit will do the rest. We can still enjoy pleasure of our day in moderation. The critical thing is to come to know Jesus through Holy Scripture, Christian radio and TV, books, friends and wherever else you can gain knowledge of His teachings, so you can really come to know Him.

Once Jesus is in the center, yes, pursue means of educating and physically helping those in need. The foundation will be in place.

When you knock, the door will be opened. But you have to knock. Merry Christmas.

Don Kuznia

Grand Forks