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An idea for the mall: A new dog park

To the editor,

I keep having an overwhelming urge to write in with a brilliant (if I do say so myself) idea for the Macy's building at the Columbia Mall: An indoor dog park.

A small section could be created as a daycare where dog parents could drop off their pet for an hour or two while they shop in the mall, bringing some life back to the mall area. And a huge portion of it could be for walking your dog, especially during the inclement weather.

Just thinking out loud, but it could be managed by a couple of people to help keep cost down. It definitely would need some management to ensure people pick up after their dogs and the dogs have the necessary paperwork to enjoy time at the inside facility. It could also be a place that could staff a variety of people of all ages who couldn't do more tasking positions. And of course, dog lovers.

It could have a few paid positions, volunteer positions (maybe offering a 10 percent off mall card) and special days for Humane Society dogs. It would create fellowship opportunities within the community, and it would make my heart happy.

I just wanted to submit that thought as I saw that Macy's will be going through an auction soon.

Joanna Pearson

Grand Forks