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Letter: Why not be required to buy insurance?

To the editor,

We willingly buy car insurance although we don't expect to have an accident soon. We willingly buy house insurance even though our houses didn't burn down yesterday, nor do we think they will tomorrow.

The same thinking is why we buy life insurance. We didn't die yesterday and I'm fairly sure we won't tomorrow. We buy these insurances and add our premiums to those of hundreds of others, fully realizing that some of it will go toward helping someone who has had a serious car accident, a family that has lost their home or one who has lost their provider.

We buy it knowing that if and when we may suffer a similar misfortune, that same pool of premiums from ourselves and others who contributed to the pool will help us out.

Anyone who has had the misfortune to be in the hospital for only a couple days knows that a health care savings account would be exhausted quickly even if it were funded at the rate of several hundred dollars a month for dozens of years.

We are required to purchase car insurance, and most of us willingly insure our homes and lives.

So my question is: Why is it such a terrible thing to be asked or even required to purchase health insurance?

Do we really think health insurance premiums can be low if the only people who are insured are those who already are at risk?

If the health insurance mandate is removed from the Affordable Care Act, we can expect the premiums for those insured by it to skyrocket. The present senate tax bill removes the mandate.

Lee Murdock

Grand Forks