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Letter: Hunting in ND a boost to the economy

To the editor,

Hunting season is in full swing, and in North Dakota that means big business. What many people may not realize is hunting plays an important role not only in our local economy but all throughout North Dakota. Some of our small towns rely on this increased traffic each year for their survival to the next.

As a small-business owner, I see firsthand the benefits hunting brings to our area. Each year our hotels, restaurants, gas stations and other small businesses see a boost in revenue thanks to hunters. These hunters purchase gas, meals and equipment for their trips. While these transactions may seem small, they have a huge impact on our economy. There are over 82,000 people who hunt in North Dakota each year, spending over $148 million annually in the state. Hunters are responsible for supporting over 2,300 jobs in North Dakota, translating into $69.6 million in salaries and wages every year.

The link between North Dakota's economy and the fall influx of hunters is highlighted by a group known as Hunting Works For North Dakota, which is a grassroots partnership of businesses, chambers of commerce and hunting groups throughout the state. Gerrells Sports Center is a proud partner of Hunting Works For North Dakota, because I feel it's important to educate hunters and non-hunters alike on the economic impact hunting has on our local economy.

Hunting is not only an important part of North Dakota's heritage, it also has an invaluable impact on our economy.

Kevin Smith

Devils Lake