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Letter: Enbridge concerned with people, public, pipeline

To the editor,

I work for Enbridge as the technical supervisor for the Thief River Falls area. I have worked for this company for 10years and in my position, I am responsible for the maintenance, reliability, safety of the pipeline and my reports. Enbridge is an excellent place to work, because they care about their employees' safety and the communities we operate in. It has been a huge benefit to my family for me to have a job that pays well and treats its employees with integrity and respect.

In addition, I have been a member of the Thief River Falls community for 25 years. Therefore, the safety and security of my family and my community is important to me. I live with my wife and two sons south of Thief River Falls on the Red Lake River, just a half mile from the pipeline right of way. I am confident that the pipeline poses no threat to my family or the communities we operate in. Enbridge is committed to keeping the environment clean. This is extremely important to me and my family as we are avid hunters, fishers and snowmobilers.

Likewise, at Enbridge we are concerned with safety of the three Ps: People, Public and the Pipeline. For example, we want to assure that Line 3 gets replaced, just like any other aging piece of infrastructure. And the replacement line will include the latest and best in technologies and materials that were not available when the old line was installed.

I look forward to serving Enbridge and my community to provide maintenance, reliability and safety of the Line 3 replacement pipeline.

Steve Haubrich

Thief River Falls