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Letter: ND oil patch cities deserve funds from growth

It is now apparent that Doug Burgum acts as if he were governor of the city of Fargo, not the governor of the State of North Dakota.

The article in the Fargo Forum "The Boom Bill: After years of boom Oil Patch cities paying off growth debt" does not address the state responsibility in paying the bill. The Fargo Forum makes the assertion that "high prices fueled the boom while funneling money back to the region that bore it."

The "high prices that fueled the boom" have not provided funds to pay for the infrastructure necessary to facilitate western North Dakota's energy expansion. The state economy profited by the boom and the region that bore it is now stuck with the bill.

When the legislators provided funds to update the infrastructure in the "region that bore it", the "governor" of Fargo, Doug Burgum, allocated a chunk of it to Fargo's "flood control plan." It is inconceivable that the governor of North Dakota would take needed money from the Oil Patch cities that was intended to pay back their cost for the growth of state economy and give it to Fargo.

State monies should go to support the Oil Patch cities that provided the state's growth.

Trana Rogne

Kindred, N.D.