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Letter: Enough with all of the tax increases

To the editor,

Here we go again another increase in property taxes, utilities going up and soon a vote on a sales tax increase.

As for my vote on a sales tax increase I will take a line from my President Trump: "Not gonna happen folks, not gonna happen." It's not getting my vote.

Everytime we turn around, the city is asking citizens for money to fund their projects and bail them out, and giving businesses tax breaks. Why does the city give tax breaks to companies who can afford to pay taxes then to stick it to little guy or family who are living day to day and trying to get by and making a meager living?

Everyone will be affected. Like the rents in Grand Forks aren't exorbitant enough. I'm sure they will be going up to pay for the utilities and property taxes also. Just when you think you can get ahead a little bit, here comes the increases. It's getting old for sure, and Grand Forks is getting to be an expensive city to live in.

I understand changing times but Grand Forks is totally not the Grand Forks I grew up in. I am no math genius but when you get increases like 7 percent, 4 percent and a .5 percent in one year and your wages go up—if you're lucky—1 percent, 2 percent or maybe 25 cents per hour, something doesn't add up.

You're not getting ahead—you're going backward, and that doesn't include healthcare costs, insurance costs, gas going up and all everyday needs going up.

Enough is enough.

David Gray

Grand Forks