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New resident: Happy to be in Grand Forks

To the editor,

It is always exciting to move to a new city. In my case, it is even more exciting to move to a new state. And that is what I did.

I moved from St Cloud, Minn. I lived there for 16 years. I moved to Grand Forks with the rest of my family—five kids and my wife. I'm originally from Somalia in East Africa, but I'm an American citizen.

The reason my family and I moved to Grand Forks is mainly seeking new opportunities and meeting new people. We're already excited about exploring the city. Since our move a few weeks ago, we are still curious to know more about Grand Forks and its life. With what we have seen so far, we're happy to be here.

We also noticed that there is a sizeable number of my home country community, the Somali community. Like before in St Cloud, we have access to shopping from halal stores here in Grand Forks, mostly owned by the members of the Somali community.

After scouring the Internet for anything from the past about the Somali community in Grand Forks, I didn't see anything very negative in terms of anti-refugee incidents compared to St Cloud, where dozens of anti-Somali incidents happened over the years. We feel more welcome here. And we hope it stays that way.

Ahmed Said

Grand Forks