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Letter: Amazing Grains staff always cared deeply

To the editor,

The Herald covered the closing of Amazing Grains, the natural food cooperative outlet near the Sorlie Bridge on DeMers Avenue here in Grand Forks. You quoted Dexter Perkins, the cooperative chairperson. Dexter's words were truly noble, as was everything about Amazing Grains and its staff.

He said in effect, in the midst of the disappointments which so many of us share, that the more general availability of natural food is a good thing.

Hopefully Dexter and we who loved Amazing Grains will see more of its noble traits and practices appear and pre ail in our area. Those who benefitted, and now miss so much that good place, could enumerate many, not least the service and friendliness of the staff. I appreciate them all, and mention at least two: Betsy and Betsy. You not only served, but cared deeply.

Edward Sherman

Grand Forks