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Letter: Grand Forks' outdoor recreational opportunities await

As someone new to the Grand Forks community, I have been enjoying exploring the area in the different seasons and spending as much time as possible outside.

I have found that Grand Forks has much to offer to someone who enjoys being outside.

During the winter, I was happy to discover outdoor recreational activities at Lincoln Park and well-kept trails along the Greenway. Who knew so many people would be out skiing, walking their dogs or snowshoeing in the middle of an arctic blast?

Passing a fellow winter-lover, pleasantries about the beauty of the snow and stillness of the day were exchanged. It was a moment where the beauty of Grand Forks was appreciated, even in the midst of impressively cold temperatures.

As the snow and ice melted, I was itching to get back on my road bike and loop the Greenway again. When the temperature eventually climbed close to 60 degrees, I cleared my afternoon and spent an hour and a half enjoying the Greenway.

As always, I enjoyed riding along both sides of the river and listening to the river flowing again. I also was able to enjoy my ride without fear of hitting ice.

I was happily amazed by how many people were out walking with their families, walking their dogs, rollerblading with friends or taking time for a run along the Greenway that day.

It appears I am one of many who are thankful for the beautiful Greenway and the opportunities provided by this wonderful amenity.

I encourage all residents of greater Grand Forks to enjoy our wonderful Greenway, as well as the many great parks and paths throughout our city.

Rachel Miessler

Grand Forks