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Letter: Clinic's closing will hurt law school, legal community

The decision to cut the clinical education program at the UND law school is compromising not only to the students, but to the broader community.

A genuine legal education is achieved not only by looking up statutes or sitting in a lecture, but also by interviewing clients, applying their facts to the law and finding creative solutions to their legal need.

This is why the American Bar Association requires a law school "to provide substantial opportunities to students for: (1) law clinics or field placement(s); and (2) student participation in pro bono legal services, including law-related public service activities."

Having participated in the clinic for two semesters, I can attest that it served residents of North Dakota with invaluable legal aid. It reflected the best of the legal profession: serving the public good.

This decision by UND Law to suspend the clinic program is truly regrettable and will prove to be detrimental to the North Dakota legal community.

Keith Chadwick-Garrett


Chadwick-Garrett is a 2016 graduate of the UND School of Law.